The USF School of Music now offers ways to bring music to our community, for all ages and levels! 

During these challenging times, we offer a 10-week semester of private lessons and classes online, without parking or traffic concerns, from January 25 through April 3.

Classes and lessons are available for students of nearly all ages (6 and above) and levels (beginner through the most advanced). 

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Spring 2021 semester (January 25 – April 3): 10 weeks

Private lessons: 45-minutes, weekly (10 lessons)

Available for all band and orchestra instruments, plus piano, guitar, ukulele, jazz saxophone, jazz trumpet, pop piano, voice, composition, conducting, and music theory. Scheduling will be arranged with the instructor.

*CMP Artist Faculty are current USF Faculty members: $525 for the semester (10 lessons)
*CMP Instructors are vetted, talented USF graduate assistants and teachers: $300 for the semester (10 lessons)

Classes: 60-minutes, weekly; $180 for the semester (10 classes)

Arranging Music for Social Media with Asher Carlson.

Social media has become a great place to share music no matter your musical background or experience, but how does one get from a basic concept to a finished product for the masses? In this class, students will use free versions of audio and recording applications (purchasing is optional) to create projects designed to be published on numerous social media platforms. By the end of this class, students will have produced two videos, one short-form (30 seconds) and one long-form (1 minute plus) to demonstrate their mastery of recording and social media outreach techniques. No matter your social media or arranging experience, this class will help hone your skills to create polished, high-quality content.

Thursdays, 1 PM

Electronic Music with Prof. Calvin Falwell.

In this class, students will dive into Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and its collection of subgenres such as House, Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Trap, and Hardstyle. Throughout this course, students will explore modernism, futurism, and postmodernism, that led music into a new era. Students will experience first-hand how redefining the concept of instruments and organized sound turned the classical music world upside-down.

Mondays, 5 PM

Production and Beat-making with Dr. Clint Randles.

This class is for people who like to or want to learn how to make music with computers (and other instruments). Students will learn how to create and refine sounds with software such as Logic, GarageBand, Maschine, Ableton, Adobe Audition, or other forms of DAW. Students will enter a world of effects, plug-ins, compression, EQ, delay, reverb, filters, and modulation. Students will also have a chance to learn the history behind some of these tools, focusing on learning using them to give life to musical creativity. This semester, an emphasis will be placed on hip-hop and its roots, and the class will conclude with a livestream performance showcasing student work.

Mondays, 7 PM

Musicianship and Aural Theory with Michelle Painter.

Discover and cultivate fundamental musicianship and aural skills through embodiment (movement) and improvisation. We will build, explore and strengthen the kinetic, aural, and creative connection crucial for artists at any stage. This course will require some singing, movement, and playing on the musician’s primary instrument. Wednesdays, 4 PM

Song-writing (keyboard or guitar) with Dr. Erol Ozsever.

This course is geared towards students who love pop music and covers the music theory behind popular songwriting. Students will study some of the biggest hits in popular music history, learning chord changes and compositional techniques. Additional topics include setting lyrics to melodies for singers, arranging and producing, and an introduction to electronic music.

Wednesdays, 5 PM

Jazz Improv for Beginners with jazz saxophonist, Ross Strauser.

Students will learn how to play the blues, how to transcribe solos, and how play chord changes. Thursdays, 5 PM

Jazz Improv for Intermediate through Advanced Levels with jazz trumpeter, Sheldon Quick.

Students will expand their knowledge of jazz improvisation in this class and develop a stronger sense of “vocabulary” for the language of jazz.

Mondays, 6:30 PM

Expressive Conducting with Mike Lebrias.

This course will explore the basics of expressive conducting for use as a drum major, chamber music coach, or ensemble conductor. Students will dive into the role of a conductor, learning leadership and score study techniques, as well as skills to help strengthen and convey greater musicianship.

Wednesdays, 7 PM

Oboe Reed-making

with Professor Amy Collins.

Whether you are a beginner reed maker or a continuing learner, this course offers oboists the opportunity to learn and strengthen reed-making skills. Tailored to each student, this class is a unique hands-on experience. A reed-making kit is required. If you have any questions about where to purchase equipment or need assistance, please contact Professor Collins

Tuesdays, 6 PM

Required equipment for classes and lessons: internet connection, a laptop or tablet (preferred to a phone) with a functioning webcam and microphone (or an external webcam/microphone), headphones, your instrument.

10-weeks, beginning January 25 through April 3
Lessons are scheduled by each instructor

We will contact you by email to confirm your registration and tuition balance, with a link for you to submit payment by credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) to the USF College of the Arts Box Office
*Classes have limited enrollments and will fill in the order in which registrations and payments are received. When the minimum enrollment is established, payment will be due
*Lessons may enroll immediately. Payment is due by January 18, 2021

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