• All Rumble members MUST enroll in the course and complete the Rumble student info form. Click this link to access audition materials and complete the information form:
  • We have VERY little information about games and band participation, but we are going ahead and making plans. There is a chance that bands will not be allowed at games, but we just don’t know yet.  
  • For this year, wind players from HOT Marching Band are automatically granted membership into Rumble. For all drummers and winds players who are not currently members of HOT, you must submit an audition. Any students interested in auditioning for drum set (including current HOT members) must complete a video audition. Video audition materials are due Tuesday November 3rd by 11:59pm. 
  • DRUM SET players must play the Fight Song, March Victorious, and demonstrate the following styles: fast rock, moderate rock, ska, funk, swing.
  • If you know somebody who is interested in Rumble, please forward this information to them.