First, please fill out the Prospective Member Form (Click Here)

Please review the following materials:

  • 2019 audition materials for prospective new wind members and returning wind members who would like to audition to change instruments 
    • Audition Materials Link:
    • PLEASE NOTE that all auditions will take place via video submission and are due no later than June 1.  All instructions are included in the materials—please read and follow them carefully.
    • The etudes are all in one PDF file
    • You will find the Fight Song and March Victorious in separate folders

Here is the audition procedure:

1. Audition materials will be made available to students by May 1. Materials will include: 

  • A. USF Fight Song 
  • B. March Victorious 
  • C. One performance etude OR a performance piece from a halftime show

2. All New Winds and Returning Winds – Changing Instruments must audition via video-submission. Applicants are only permitted to submit one video recording, and this video must include the full audition requirements outlined above. Video Recordings must be uploaded to YouTube (be sure the file is marked “unlisted” for public viewing) and emailed to You must announce your name at the start of the video, whether you are a New Wind or Returning Wind – Changing Instruments and you must be visible for the entire recording.

3. All video auditions are due no later than June 1.

4. After June 1, the Directors will review all video auditions together. Once your video has been reviewed, you will receive one of the following messages no later than June 15: 

  • A. Congratulations and Welcome to the Herd of Thunder Marching Band. Part assignments and alternate positions will be determined on Sunday of band camp by a Music Assessment.
  • B. Thank you for auditioning for the Herd of Thunder Marching Band. At this time, your audition is not up to the level required to be a member of the program. You are welcome to re-audition next year. 

Guard and Twirler Auditions will be on May 11. More information will be available on our website soon. I recommend that you send a quick note to our Guard Instructor – Liz Bannon – – to introduce yourself and let her know of your interest.

Drumline auditions will be July 20-21 with a number of pre-camps taking place before (see the attached summer dates). If you are interested in auditioning, please contact our drumline instructor, Kevin von Kampen –