Process and Procedure

The Herd of Thunder Athletic Band programs are open to all college degree seeking students in the Tampa Bay area.  If you are a full time USF student, simply register for HOT during your registration time. If you are a FULL TIME, Degree Seeking Student at another college or university in the Tampa Bay area, you must be an ACTIVE** Non-Degree Seeking (NDS) Student at USF in order to participate! We will ask to see your schedule for the current semester.

(HOT cannot be the only class that you are taking in the semester. You must be taking a full course load (minimum 12 credit hours) working towards a degree at another institution.)
**ACTIVE means you have taken a class at USF as an NDS student within the last three semesters (fall, spring, summer) or have been accepted as an NDS student for the upcoming semester.

If you were involved with HOT last year, you do not need to reapply as an NDS student. Only NDS students who have not taken a class within the last calendar year, need to apply/reapply.


Click Here: NDS form
Click Here: Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) forms

NDS Application Process

    • Apply as a Non-Degree Seeking Student
    • Click on “Non-Degree Admission”
    • After reading the information, click on “Apply online here.”
    • Enter your U# or SSN in the “Student ID” box
    • Choose the correct term from the drop down box (Note: the appropriate semester might not be listed until sometime close to the beginning of the semester. If the system does not give you the option for the semester that you intend to apply for, you will have to wait until the University provides that option. DO NOT APPLY FOR A DIFFERENT SEMESTER!)
    • Click on “Submit Term”
    • Continue through the online application until complete (you may save and return to the process at a later time)

PLEASE NOTE: USF’s APPLICATION HAS BEEN KNOWN TO HAVE ISSUES. To ensure your application is submitted completely, you will need to start the application, choose Non-Degree Seeking, Save and Exit. Then, you will need to Log In, change Non-Degree Seeking to Degree Seeking, Save and Exit. Log In again, and change it back to Non-Degree Seeking in order for the application to function properly. At this time, this is the only fix to ensure the application submits properly.

    • Pay non-refundable $30.00 application fee
        • Enter your Net ID and Password (Create a new Net ID if you do not have one.)
        • Click on “Student”
        • Click on “Admissions”
      • Click on “Pay My Application Fee”

Blocked During Application Process?

If the website does not allow you to complete the application process and you are blocked, the website should provide you with a reason for the block. If you do not have a reason provided or are unsure what the reason for the block is, please contact Help with NDS Application in the HOT Office.

Class Registration Process

Upon acceptance to USF, the University will contact you and you will be eligible to sign up for Marching Band/Pep Band at that time through the Online Access Student Information System (OASIS). If you receive a letter stating that you have been denied admittance, please contact Help with NDS Application in the HOT Office.

NOTE: Non-Degree Seeking Students are not permitted to register for classes until the week before classes start (starting the Monday of Band Camp). You are still able to participate in Band Camp even if you are not yet registered for the class.

    • Under “My Resources”, click on “OASIS”
    • Click on “Student”
    • Click on “Registration”
    • Click on “Register, Add or Drop Classes”
    • Select the appropriate term
    • Enter the Course Information (listed in the handbook)
  • Click “Register” – The screen should show that you web registered for the class.

Upfront costs of registration and tuition are the responsibility of the student and are not paid by the student stipend awarded for participation in the class. The current estimated cost per credit hour for Florida Residents is $191.26. Other fees may also be assessed by the University. The current estimated fees amount to approximately $75.00. (This does not include charges and fees assessed by Kappa Kappa Psi for HOT merchandise, etc. Please see the Merchandise Page for more information on KKΨ expenses.

Late Registration?

If you are registering for the class late, please print and fill out the two Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) forms – Late Drop/Add Petition Form and the Instructor’s Documentation Form.  Bring the completed forms to Dr. McCutchen in the Music Building (MUS 308).  After Dr. McCutchen signs the forms, you must then take the forms to the College of The Arts (CoTA) advising office in the Fine Arts building (FAH-120) and have someone stamp the forms with the college stamp. Once stamped you must take the forms, along with a typed personal statement explaining why you are making this petition to the TRAC Office on the second floor of the Student Services Building (SVC 2043). They will make a copy for you and will staple a “received” notice on them.

The ARC Petition committee meets once a week to review all petitions. Once you have been notified of an approval for the late add, it will take up to five (5) business days to have the course added to your schedule.  You should check your OASIS account to confirm the course has been added. A $100.00 late fee is applied to your record. You will have five (5) days after the course is added to pay any related fees.

If your petition is not approved, you will not be allowed to participate in the class.

For any problems with the registration process, contact:

Dr. Marc Sosnowchik